Drinking Steals Dreams


Drinking steals dreams.

Yesterday, I was a year and half sober, and I spent the morning dreaming. My latest? I’m dreaming of organizing a “pilgrimage.” I’m not sure where to yet, but I’m leaning towards the Camino de Santiago, across northern Spain. I’d never heard of it until yesterday, but that doesn’t matter. I have not the time, money, or friends to do this, but that doesn’t matter either, because it’s a dream. I’ll let the universe take care of the details.

This time ten years ago, well into my wine habit, I dreamed of not waking up. The sheer exhaustion of dealing with kids, a job, and a lack of funds made waking up a nightmare. New day, same problems. Same hangover.

The good news is that your dreams won’t die unless you do. Still alive? You qualify for dreams. What did you want to do when you were in the first grade? I wanted to write books. I’m doing that too.

What about you?


45 thoughts on “Drinking Steals Dreams

      1. I have never read that book. I started out with a friend but she drove me bananas and then I got a sore knee so I ditched her and went to the beach for awhile… I skipped a portion of it because the weather wasn’t ideal but then from Leon to Santiago I found a new tribe of people, mostly Spanish speakers and I finished from there. It was early spring so the temperature fluctuated a lot but it wasn’t horrible, rained a lot but I would rather have that than constant heat.

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      2. Now that I’m reading about it, it’s a really difficult trip to make. You must be in great shape. And apparently, lots of people ditch their partners for the same reason. I think I’d have to take one of those tours where they drop you off and pick you up at certain locations to “cheat.” 15 miles a day of walking is a little out of my league.


      3. It’s a lot of walking for sure, it gets easier as the days go by, I didn’t do a lot of training before, and I shipped my pack in a taxi most days after I hurt my knee. I kinda felt bad for the people that took the tours in the last 100 kilometers because they missed some of the best parts of the Camino. It gets super touristy and lots of crowds in those bits. Still Santiago, Spain is a beautiful city. We started in Pamplona not St. Jean because when we were flying in to Barcelona and I could see the Pyrenees- I knew my friend could not handle it. She’s from Florida and didn’t understand elevation and the steepness of climbing by looking at maps, I am glad we did because I heard later how difficult that part was for the people who had actually trained.

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      4. I would definitely have to do some training. And by what I’ve read, everyone injures at least one knee. I would also have to have a pack shipped, and only carry necessities with me. I will do an abbreviated version as well — I just don’t think I want to spend that much time on the trail. I’ve heard people do it in sections. I’m thinking one section will probably work for me.
        Thanks for all the info! You are the only person I’ve met online that has actually walked any of it. 💕

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  1. My dream is to have an artist’s studio in Italy or Menorca where I can live simply, finally doing a job I love – preferably overlooking the sea, or some kind of beautiful view.

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      1. I’ve not been that far south. I spent a month in Lake Maggiore in the north and just fell in love with it. I drove to Italy from the UK a number of years ago. It’s the best way to see the country I think. Menorca was a surprise find, but I instantly felt at home there too. Living simply is what I want. X

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      2. We drove right by there on a trip from Milan up through Switzerland. It is an amazing area. I looked up some photos of Lake Maggiore — it’s beautiful. Europe is such an exotic destination from the U.S., for some reason. We end up taking local trips instead, which aren’t nearly as interesting. I REALLY want to go to the UK next — have never been there, but want to spend some time driving the countryside. ; )

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      3. And we drove that same way, past Milan up the Aosta Valley into France and Switzerland. We only touched Geneva just so the kids could say they’d been to Switzerland lol, but Dad took me into the country a few times. Google Valle Verzasca. THE most beautiful place.

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      4. My kids have never been to Europe, so I would LOVE to somehow arrange that. Winning the lottery would help tremendously. We spent a week in Bern while we were in Switzerland, and it was amazing. Then we drove to Heidelberg, Paris, Bloise, Rapallo, and then home from Milan. So fun. A hayride in October here just doesn’t quite compare. 💕


  2. Yes, drinking steals dreams and hope for a better future! Apparently the Camino is amazing, my sister and father walked it:) I am rekindling my dreams too and rediscovering my excitement for life. I signed up to the notes from the universe (you suggested it i think?) They are amazing. Please keep us up to date on your books xxx

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    1. Thank you! I do love Mike Dooley’s notes from the universe. I am going to hear him speak in Orlando in a couple of weeks. Should be interesting! I am reading about Sonia Choquette walking the Camino, and it’s not as easy as I’d hoped. ; ) I’m a little intimated, but I hear their are work-arounds. In other words, I will be looking for a somewhat shortened version. Thanks for asking about the book, and I’ll also reach out to you if we ever happen to get a few people together for the Camino! 💕

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  3. I love your premise. So true. I am healing from a few surgeries and want to try some adventure sports when I get the green light from the surgeons. Nothing too wild–just kayaking, zip-lining, paddle-boarding, jet-skiing, indoor skydiving (a new business just opened nearby that offers this experience–who knew?) things like that. I wish my husband would quit drinking so he would be my partner in crime. I get tired of watching him drink on his days off. Sigh. Yup, drinking steals your dreams–and sometimes your spouse’s. I am praying he will join me one of these days.

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    1. I wonder what the odds are that a spouse will quit drinking when you do. It creates a conflict of interest because one spouse has a private party while watching TV or whatever, and the other spouse gets bored silly. Drinking makes it so easy to stay at home, you know? I’ve had this discussion with my significant other, but no major changes yet.


  4. Iv stopped dreaming latley but readin this reminds me of my log cabin and open fire btm of the rockies canada fishing rod lake and stars clear night. Bout time i started making few things reality….when u beat the drink devil and deamons i think we can do anything #freind 😉

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    1. Wow, you are so right! If you can stop drinking, you really can do anything. And you only have to take baby steps toward a dream, and outside forces come in to make it happen somehow. You attract things that will help you get what you’re dreaming about having. I think the Canadian Rockies sound wonderful (in the summer).


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