Cool Things About ACIM


Mysterious Landscape by lxrowe

One of the first thing I noticed about the Course is that is doesn’t require me to “buy in” to what it says. Instead, it tells me that through using the ideas, I will be shown that they are true. This is exactly what happened to me. And it continues to happen to this day, and it’s what allows me to believe so strongly in miracles. I’ve been given proof.

Here’s a quote from the preface:

Some of the ideas the Workbook presents you will find hard to believe, and others may seem to be quite startling. This does not matter. You are merely asked to apply the ideas as you are directed to do. You are not asked to judge them at all. You are asked only to use them. It is their use that will give them meaning to you, and will show you that they are true.

Preface, pg. ix

9 thoughts on “Cool Things About ACIM”

    1. Thanks, Anna. It is such an amazing book. Here’s my next cool thing in advance: Whole sections are written in perfect iambic pentameter, like Shakespeare used. I had to google iambic pentameter because I couldn’t remember what it meant, of course. But it would be almost impossible for any human to do this the way it was written. A woman channeled the text, and she had no inner genius that would allow this kind of writing. It really is miraculous.

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      1. It really is. I just started a study group in my area and we meet for the first time tomorrow. It helps to have some interpreters, at first. And I think the idea either draw you in or don’t. And if they don’t, I think it’s probably not your chosen path. Something else will draw you in instead.


    1. I did the same thing, through Marianne Williamson’s book. I didn’t go much into the Course itself until about a decade ago. It really makes sense to me, now that I’ve had a chance to try it out for a while. It’s such a completely different way of thinking. 💕

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