A Visit From Angel Number 7


“I am both divine and absurdly human.”


I have another blog dealing with sobriety, and while I was checking it earlier, I happened to notice the number of hits it now has: 777,777.

I know nothing about numerology, but it appears I’m being hit over the head with the number 7 here. I know the universe works in mysterious ways, so I googled the meaning of the number 7, and here’s what I got from the first link that popped up:

Angel number 7 is an auspicious sign from our guardian angels that we are on the right life path. When we see angel number 7 again and again, it means that we will overcome all obstacles and realize success in our endeavors.

Angel number 7 is a message from the angels that they are happy with the choices that you have made. Continue on your present path and you will be rewarded.

Whether you are on a spiritual path already, or you feel drawn to spiritual information and transcendent teachings from the Ascended Masters, seeing angel number 7 is an indication that you are introspective and thoughtful, and in touch with your deeper purpose in life.

I am indeed learning from an Ascended Master through A Course in Miracles. And I had been wondering about my current path, and why I can’t seem to get motivated to finish a certain project. But I’m on the right path, according to Angel number 7. It’s actually exactly what I needed to hear, which so often happens with these seemingly serendipitous happenings.

I was struck once again by how lofty the unseen worlds seems to view me, though I was reading the words while licking a bowl, trying to get the remaining bits of a banana half. (I’m on the second day of a sugar detox. I need this tiny bit of allowable sugar.) I laughed out loud at realizing this … that I am both divine and absurdly human.

This thought led me to what I’m reading in The Course in Miracles‘ Workbook about my own perfection, regardless of what the world seems to tell me, or what I tell myself.  I am just as God created me. Other thoughts followed this one. I have a purpose that only I can fulfill. I will overcome the obstacles I am currently facing.

And I’m newly motivated to start that project this morning. Thank you Angel number 7, whoever you are.


3 thoughts on “A Visit From Angel Number 7”

  1. I get the feeling of stuckness. Mine all stems from fear of not being good enough so that robs me of the pure joy of just creating, drawing, writing for the fun of it for the pure unadulterated act of creating not for something ‘approval or critque…rather just for the joy.

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    1. THIS!!!!
      This is exactly what I needed to read! We need artistic rehab! Decades ago, I went to college for Journalism, then spent most of my working life in editing, rewriting, and plain ole’ trashing of other people’s writing and my own. How is this healthy for the joy of creation? And I painted for a while until I compared my painting with other people’s and then watched YouTube videos on technique and that sucked the fun right out of it. I’ve been sitting on this memoir for years now because I rewrite and trash whole sections every time I read it over.
      So what to do about this?
      What about a women’s retreat where we just rediscover the joy of creating? Adult kindergarten! I loved kindergarten.

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