Affirmation:   God believes in me.


Come, come, whoever you are 

wanderer, worshipper, fugitive.

It doesn’t matter —

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Ours is a caravan of endless joy!

Come — even if you have 

broken your vow a thousand times —

Come, come yet again. Come.

— Rumi


Do you believe in yourself?

Most of us do not believe we can carry out even our simplest wishes, let alone one as monumental as “I want to stop drinking.” Years of trying and not always succeeding have made us feel weak, unprincipled, irresponsible, afraid to try again.

There is no truth in your self-assessment. Nothing could be further from the truth about you.

Today’s thought is about belief because of one simple fact. You can do it. If the God of all creation believes in you, and he has all-seeing and all-knowing power, then you must believe in yourself. After all, he knows the outcome already and still knows that you can do it. Even if you have been disappointed hundreds of times before, you begin anew when you accept that God himself believes in you. If you can accept this, you can begin to understand your own worth.

Ask yourself this: Do you think God knows everything about you? Does he love you more than you could possibly comprehend?  Does he know more than you do about your strengths and weaknesses? Knowing all of this and infinitely more, God knows that you can do this.

Is he wrong?

This simple realization will hold you today in awe of your own capabilities in the eyes of God. Start today to see yourself as God does — as a perfect, loving child of his with the power to do anything.