DAY 13

Young Boy and Girl Imagine Flying On Skateboard

Affirmation: I am joyful.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

― Rumi

If it’s not here now, know that it’s on the way. Joy — a feeling of elation that suddenly steals over you as you walk under the stars on a clear night, knowing that all is right in the world. As your body heals, a quiet contentment will flow over you and soothe the parts of you scarred by the pain of addiction. You will know joy again and again in the coming days.

If at this moment, you want to feel joy, concentrate on the word itself — joy. When was the last time that you felt pure joy? Remember what it was like to swing as a child — the thrill of the wind rushing past you, underneath you, lifting you skyward. Close your eyes and remember that sensation. Smile when you think about what it was like to be young — uninhibited, blissful — that pure exhilaration in being alive and a child of God.