DAY 17


Affirmation: I am joyful.

“Englightment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

There is no reason to ever be without joy because true joy does not depend upon your circumstances. Joy is not what you feel when you receive something you want. Joy is something that is available to you at any moment that you realize you are infinitely more than this body. You are more than these circumstances. You are so much more than what other people can see. You are the creative power of God brought to fruition. You are exactly what he had in mind when he created a perfect counterpart. The result is you, perfect in every way, able to create as he does. To feel anything less than love and awe for yourself does not honor the being that you are. Accept yourself with complete love and adoration. God created you and you are perfect, despite the objections of your ego, despite anything you have ever done, despite what the thoughts in your mind sometimes tell you.

If you could accept this, all else would fall into place. Once you accept this, you will feel your very essence expand. You will know that you are unlimited in what you can create, as God is unlimited. You will know the true joy of being in the presence of God in every moment of your existence. Bring your thoughts to a level that honors one such as yourself and experience the joy that God intended for you. Today, accept absolute joy as your divine birthright.