DAY 18


Affirmation: Freedom is mine.

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

— Danielle LaPorte

Realize that only now will you know freedom. Freedom will taste sweeter than you ever imagined because it comes at the higher cost of having been without. You have been imprisoned physically, mentally, and spiritually — no different than being locked in a cell, although you could not see the bars.

For now, the awareness of freedom will come in moments when you realize that you are no longer a captive to what has held you in the past. Unhindered by physical fatigue and mental dullness, you have a new array of choices. The eternal well of healing has sprung and the fountain is overflowing. Freedom is yours at last, and you will revel in it.

One day not far off, you will inhale the sweet morning air and be quietly, joyfully alive in a way that you haven’t been in years. You will feel uplifted, now that the heavy veil of alcohol has been lifted, and the bright rays of God’s love can heal your mind. All of creation rejoices in your new life and watch with elation as you turn your face toward the sun.

Freedom is yours.