Affirmation: I am learning to guide my thoughts.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

 Norman Vincent Peale

After a few days of not drinking, your mind starts a slow rotation. It begins to turn away from thoughts of drinking. How often did you think about drinking today? Less that Day 1? Less than Day 7? As you consciously shift your thoughts to those of abundance, love, and new possibilities, you can shift your very world.

What you think about, you draw towards you. Romanticized thoughts of drinking, and even obsessive thoughts of not drinking, will bring situations involving alcohol and temptation into your life. Whenever you find yourself thinking about the possibility of drinking, immediately think “Stop,” and turn your thoughts to something positive. Think about how glorious your future is without this substance  how many doors are opening, how many opportunities lay before you. Think about the vitality that is manifesting in your body and your life.

Keep in mind that you have help in guiding your thoughts. To harness the power of the universe, use the word we instead of I. We decided not to drink. We have other plans. We — God and I — are on a journey that is hindered by alcohol. We decided to walk a different road, where progress occurs in light years. We are saying no to the elevator of alcoholism, which can only lead downward. We are saying no to thwarting our magnificent future with the detours and the roadblocks of alcohol. We —God and I — cannot fail. We will overcome this together.