Affirmation: My mind and body are healing.

“The healing process is like recovering your soul.”

— Deepak Chopra

Your body has withstood much damage in the past years. It is time now to allow the miracle of healing to take place. Your body, a miracle of recovery, is already at work restoring systems to their natural balance — creating new cells and tissue, creating new pathways in the brain that will allow you to heal your life more quickly. You will experience the clarity of unclouded thinking — it will become clearer with time. You will sleep deeply and wake rested. You will enjoy the sights and sounds and smells that your dulled senses were too damaged to experience. Life will become richer.

Pay attention to the food that you’re eating. Take walks in the cool of the morning. Hold in your mind thoughts of healing . . . My brain is healing. My liver is healing. My kidneys are healing. Know that already millions of small changes are underway to rebuild your body and mind. You will know a health and peace that you have not known in years. God is at work healing your mind. Allow the healing to unfold, like the blooming of a flower, in all of its glory.