Affirmation: I will seek my inspiration.

“Nothing is more important than connecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.”

— Deepak Chopra

Today, realize with all of your heart that you are here for a purpose that only you can fulfill. God created within you dreams and desires. These dreams are guidelines for your purpose in life.

Think of the last time that you felt truly inspired, when you knew that you were doing something that you were meant to do. That feeling of inspiration is a sign saying “This way!” You are in your element when you are headed in the direction of your divine purpose. You are moving in the direction that God intends for you to travel, and the results make you unstoppable. Events fall into place and obstacles become nothing but temporary inconveniences. You are hand in hand with the source that created you, and this source will guide you on your journey.

Become inspired today. What is it that makes you feel inspired? Pursue your dream, even if you take just one small step. This dream is in your heart for a reason. It is your destination, and the universe gives you the power to succeed. Go where your inspiration lies, knowing that God has perfect faith in your ability to succeed.