Intuitive Guidance

Minds are joined, as explained in A Course in Miracles, the work of Carl Jung, and by our own intuitive understanding.

In 2006, I had an amazing spiritual experience which seemed to open the door to a new kind of perception. The best word I know to describe what I experience when connecting with someone is communion: we both feel the energy and know there is something extraordinary happening. It’s a healing, sacred, and often surprising encounter. It can be playful and light, sparking your creativity and exploring your dreams, or it can open up a deep need for healing.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve used this gift solely for friends and people they refer, but now feel guided to broaden my horizons.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Thank you so much for the reading and the chat. It was great, and I just can’t get over how accurate you were with things. You seemed to get right to the heart of issues that I didn’t realize would be quite so prominent with my angels! Thank you so much for letting me have a reading from you. I was really blown away. You have such a talent and connection that you really need to be doing this! It is truly amazing this gift that you have!

Michelle from New South Wales, Australia