The World Needs Another Blog

Hi all!

I’m starting this blog to revel in all things spiritual. I follow A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and anything else related to finding meaning and joy in a confusing world.

Welcome. 💕

3 thoughts on “The World Needs Another Blog

  1. The world DOES need another blog, especially one as lovely as this one! Enjoying “A Course in Miracles” so much. Thanks for the recommendation! Still gettin’ my rainbows 🌈
    Much love from Brooklyn.
    Christine ☘️


  2. The world DOES need another blog, especially one as lovely as this! Really enjoying “A Return to Love!” Thanks for the recommendation. Still gettin my rainbows 🌈
    Love from Brooklyn.

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    1. Christine, thank you! You are my third follower. It’s funny, but I’ve referred several times to my “friends” in New York. (That would be you and your friends.)

      I’m taking time off to work on this memoir that’s taking me forever, and I just read the part where I first read “A Return to Love.” What a difference it made in my life. I’m glad it’s resonating with you. It really does change the way you view the world.

      Much love!!!


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